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At Prime Indicators, we recognize a gap in the market for simplistic yet comprehensive indicators. Many available services solely focus on technical analysis without providing the education surrounding financial markets. This incomplete approach fails to address the comprehensive understanding required to navigate the complexities of financial markets effectively. 

This realization inspired us to create a platform that combines technical analysis with macro commentaries, empowering investors and traders to navigate financial markets with a deeper understanding. Our goal is to provide comprehensive indicators that go beyond technical analysis alone. 

Showing how to correctly analyse chart patterns using our software.

Our team consists of industry professionals with experience in finance and software engineering. Frank, the founder of Prime Indicators, has multiple years of experience in the field. His passion for trading, cryptocurrencies, macro analysis, and educating others has been instrumental in shaping the vision of our platform.

With a focus on user-friendliness and accuracy, our cutting-edge indicators leverage advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques. These techniques enable us to identify trends and patterns in real-time, ensuring that our users receive timely and reliable market information. Our indicators are proprietary and unique; you will not find a free version of them on the TradingView platform. 

Frank, M.Sc. Finance & Sam, Software Engineer

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